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XCMG Road Roller Wins a Bulk Order in Brazil
XCMG “Brothers” Pave the Ethiopian Capital Airport Avenue
Over 100 XCMG Loaders Exported to Middle East
Date:2014-08-04 21:46:06
Recently, XCMG loaders performed well in international market. They have been exported to a country in the Middle East in a batch of 107 units, which is evidence that XCMG loaders are reputable in international market and are highly recognized by overseas users. Currently, the batches of products have been delivered successively.

Among the 107 loaders, 60% of them are equipped with the self-developed transmissions and wet drive axle of XCMG. The two core components reflect and amplify XCMG’s “sturdy and decorous” style. They have super-large overload capacity; long endurability in harsh conditions. They have been long tested, boasting maturity, efficiency and reliability. When working together with XCMG loaders the product performance, work efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection and maintenance become highly compatible, making XCMG loaders more competitive. They are not only favored by international users, but also serve as credit guarantee for XCMG loaders to expand their market overseas.

XCMG loaders have managed to keep a foothold in global competition. With frequent breakthroughs in key technology areas, they are leading the industry in technological development. In addition, customized construction solutions fully reflect the market-oriented concept of XCMG loaders for customers’ individual needs.
XCMG Road Roller Wins a Bulk Order in Brazil
XCMG “Brothers” Pave the Ethiopian Capital Airport Avenue