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Over 100 XCMG Loaders Exported to Middle East
XCMG Road Roller Wins a Bulk Order in Brazil
Date:2014-08-02 15:45:44
Recently, good news came from the XCMG Road Machinery Sector (briefly as “XCMG Road”) that for the first time ever, XCMG XS122 hydraulic vibratory road roller received the purchase order of more than ten units from an important Brazilian user, which marked the recognition from the Brazilian government of XCMG’s product reputation, quality, and reliability. It has laid a solid foundation for XCMG Road to expand market in Brazil and for XCMG Road to reach its objectives: “Leading in internationalization, leading in the Industry on the world and striving to yield operating revenue of over 10 billion yuan”.

With the accelerated implementation of XCMG Group’s internationalization strategy, XCMG Road has also ushered in new opportunities. Products of the bulk order are all the hydraulic single drum road rollers that XCMG Road has developed specifically for overseas markets. According to the working conditions and construction features in Brazil, XCMG road roller stood out from other bidding products with its good design parameters and functions. It won the large purchase order of an important Brazilian user, which was a breakthrough in Brazil and even in the entire South American market. It always provides quality products. With good reputation and reliable quality, the road machinery products marked with “XCMG” have been well accepted by international markets and users. 
Over 100 XCMG Loaders Exported to Middle East