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QY16H Truck Crane

• Its novel hexagonal cross section structure features light dead weight and strong bearing capacity;
• Its hoisting, luffing, swing, telescopicing and other mechanisms adopt manual proportional control and hydraulic drive, featuring easy and flexible operation, stable and reliable work, as well as stepless speed regulation;
• Such safety devices as relief valve, balance valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve are equipped to prevent oilway overload and avoid accidents due to pipe fracture;
• It adopts the flow saturation resistance technology, with the flow irrelevant to the load, so that the combined movements could have the stability and synchronization effectively ensured;
• Three-axle dedicated chassis, broad vision, as well as luxurious and comfortable decorations;
• It adopts a FAST gearbox and a 6×4 drive plus easy and flexible hydraulic power steering;
• Such safety devices as torque limiter and height limit device, as well as a complete lighting system are equipped to ensure safe and reliable operation, and facilitate operation at night;
Type Ser. No. Item Unit Value
Working performance 1 Max. rated lifting weight × working radius kg.m 16000×3.0
2 Max. lifting torque of basic boom kN.m 710
3 Max.lifting torque of longest main boom kN.m 408
4 Max. lifting height of longest main boom m 31.08
5 Max. lifting height of jib m 38.5
Dimensions 6 Outline dimensions (L×W×H) mm 12050×2500×3400
7 Distance between outriggers (longitudinal × transversal) mm 4950×5400
8 Main boom length (completely retracted – completely extended) m 9.8~30.8
9 Jib length m 7.5
10 Main boom angle of elevation ° -2~80
11 Swing range   360°continuously
Working speed 12 Max.speed of single rope on the drum of main winch m/min 120
13 Boom extension time s 55
14 Boom derricking up time s 38
15 Swing speed r/min 0~2
Mass 16 Complete vehicle kerb mass kg 22870
17 Front axle load kg 6200
18 Rear axle load kg 16800
Traveling 19 Max. traveling speed km/h 75
20 Max. gradeability % 35
21 Min. turn radius m 20
22 Min. ground clearance mm 250