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QUY100 Crawler Crane

Item Unit Parameter
Max. lifting capacity Boom t 100
Jib t 11
Max. load moment kN.m 5500
Boom length m 18~72
Boom elevating angle ° 0~80°
Fixed jib length m 12~24
Fixed jib offset   10°,30°
Max. single line hoist speed (at 5th layer with no load) m/min 120
Max. single line elevating speed (at 5th layer with no load) m/min 45
Max. swing speed r/min 1.4
Travel speed km/h 1.1
Min. elevating time s 240
Winch hoist speed(with full load) m/min 4
Max. grade-ability   30%
Mean ground pressure MPa 0.0927
Engine output kW 200
Total mass (main hook block,18m boom) t 114
Max. base machine weight for transport
(without counterweight, L/R crawler, lattice boom)
t 40.0
Max. base machine dimension for transport (L×W×H) m 9.6×3.3×3.3